Mother’s Day Can Bring Sadness

Mother’s Day can be a very celebratory day or a sad day.  For some daughters whose mothers have passed, it can be a sad day because their mother is no longer with them. This day is usually a day of remembrance. Hopefully, most daughters have happy memories of their mothers and can celebrate this day.  Unfortunately, there will be some daughters who have negative feelings and sad memories about their mothers.

For daughters whose mothers are still alive, and have a poor relationship with their mother, this can also be a sad day.  If Mother’s Day brings you sadness, focus on your yourself and your own strengths. Don’t put yourself in a situation that will bring additional conflict.  If this means not spending time with your mother, don’t feel guilty. If possible spend time with your children, grandchildren, or even a close friend. You can always spend the time, giving yourself uplifting affirmations.

Although this day can be difficult, especially when most people are celebrating,  I would suggest using this day as a day to focus on forgiveness and remembering, that no matter who your mother was, or how she treated you, she gave you the greatest gift of all, ‘LIFE”.

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