The following are more signs of early dementia that may impact your relationship with your mother. Take note of these additional signs.

1.  Poor Judgement

Watch for changes in your mom’s decision-making abilities, rational thought processes and judgement skills.  Dementia could be the culprit in making inappropriate and irresponsible decisions. A once logical decision maker who made informed decisions suddenly may begin to exhibit poor judgement. This could include actions such as losing control of her impulses which might exhibit itself by saying tactless things, etc.

2.  Speaking and Language Problems

Dementia causes difficulty in processing language.  Your mom may be experiencing  diminishing ability to communicate due to a difficulty with vocabulary and other aspects of language.  She can have trouble recalling the right words in a conversation, stop mid-sentence and become at a loss at how to continue or finish her thoughts, or use the wrong words when referring to everyday objects.

3.  Changes in Grooming and Personal Hygiene.

Sudden or declining attention to personal care, such as infrequent bathing, wearing the same clothes over and over again, not brushing her teeth or combing her hair, can point to dementia.  If your mom usually kept her home immaculate but suddently stops cleaning and allows dirt or clutter to accumulate, it could be a cause for concern.

4.  Problems with Simple Math

In the early stages of dementia your mother may have difficulty working with numbers, including doing simple math problems. She may begin to struggle balancing her checkbook or doing simple addition and subtraction calculations.

5.  Difficulty with Motor Skills

You may begin to notice that your mom is experiencing difficulties with her fine motor skills. This may prevent her from completing such tasks as buttoning her clothing, tying her shoes, holding eating utensils, or unlocking and opening a door. You may also see some difficulty holding a pen or pencil and increased difficulty in writing and signing her name.

Remember, these are signs to watch for, however, the only way to know whether these signs are age related, or signs of dementia, it’s important that you to contact your mom’s doctor about your observations and concerns.

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