This is a blog about the relationship between adult daughters and their mothers.  I started this blog because I am an adult daughter with an aging mother and our relationship is often somewhat less than ideal.  There are times when it is extremely difficult and unpleasant and at other times, loving and great.  I hope this blog will offer some insight into this complicated, dynamic relationship. Also, many women are currently in the position of being caregivers or know someone who is. It is not an easy task. Sometimes you end up being the forgotten one. There are things the caregiver should be made aware of and that caregiver should have a game plan to face the many obstacles that can occur.

I want to help someone understand what and why certain things happen in the life of an adult daughter and aging mother and offer some pointers. This blog will be a place where advice, solutions, comments and humor surrounding this relationship are offered by me as well as you.

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